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STAT is a community of highly experienced and profitable sports analysts who share their picks, strategies, and knowledge in a Discord server. Turn sports picks into a side hustle now!

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A group of individuals whose prior experiences are primarily in the realm of day trading and investment, rather than in making sports predictions, our highly knowledgable analysis's bet the spread not their favorite teams. 

For our strategy to work you must be disciplined and numbers oriented. If you think day trading is any less risky or more predictable, you're wrong. Nothing is ever certain, but the key to being a successful day trader is knowledge.

We feel there is just as much information if not more in the sports picks realm to take more profitable positions than losing ones.

 How Do I Get Picks? 

  • When you purchase a membership from our website you will be granted premium access to our discord server.

    Once in our discord server, you will be able to see all the channels where we post our picks, fantasy lineups, and sports picks strategy
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Sports- Picks

Stat Pick will send out sports picks that analysts deem as favorable odds. Nothing is ever certain in gambling, but we believe picks will give the best odds at beating the house.

Sports-Picks Arbitrage

Learn how to arbitrage sports pick and make risk-free money. Think it’s too good to be true? Talk to the server owner and learn how hundreds of people are beating the house.

Daily Fantasy Advice

We provide winning lineups, data, and insights for contributing your own lineups. Our staff has been playing DFS for years.

Sports-Picks Strategy

The founders' roots initially aligned more with day trading and investing than with Sports Picks. Because of this, Stat take a numbers oriented approach to sports picks.Learn how to pick like a professional and get access to one-on-one coaching and all sorts of resources to improve your game as a sport.


Chase Claussen

I started my sports picks career while in college, I soon realized I could be making more money sports picking than working a regular job. I dropped out and dove into sports picking full time. Using my knowledge of statistics and data analysis, I began developing my own own unique picking systems and strategies. I would spend countless hours pouring over data and analyzing statistics in order to make informed predictions about the outcomes of sporting events. I was able to identify patterns and trends that the general public, and even the bookmakers, aren't aware of. He was able to consistently make profitable predictions, despite the fact that I was sports picks against the majority of the public. I have a strict risk management strategy that I follow, which helps me maintain a positive ROI even when I hit a losing streak. I never chases losses and always sticks to my plan.

Cole Claussen

I began picking on sports using a combination of fundamental and statistical analysis to inform my predictions. I became well known in the sports picks community for his expertise in the top sports. I would spend hours pouring over statistics, studying past performance and game film, to gain an edge over the bookmakers .My knowledge sports and my ability to predict game outcomes using advanced analytics allow me to consistently beat the odds and generate high returns on my bets. I was able to generate a huge return on investment. It's important to note that making a living or being successful at sports picks is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work, knowledge, and most importantly, discipline.



Discord member

Stat is an investment that is truly worth your time. There are countless different sports picking groups that preach a "get rich quick" method with +1000000 odds parlays posted daily. They use a tight bankroll management system that allows multiple negative days and even weeks in a row without having to worry about breaking your bank. (Although multiple negative weeks almost never happens)As someone who has been a part of Stat for about a month now, my monthly membership has not only paid for itself, but even more! We also have a great community of like minded sports pickers and sports fan to chat with. Come check it out!


Discord member

This is the most free cash in existence. Between stocks and my other investments, this is by far my best ROI. A great community ran by great people. Come make some money with us.

Enrique F

sports enthusiast

I have tried all of the mainstream handicapping picks for months now, and have been tracking the results for all of them. STAT has the best winning stats by far, so I'm sticking with them. Great Server.